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Triton College Digital Photography

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Hi class...Don't forget that we will have class 03/07/07, however class will not resume until 03/28/07
I will be teaching a Digital Photography class for Triton College in River Grove Il. The class location will be at the main Triton Campus.
The Triton College Digital Imaging class taught by Steve Gadomski, January 2007 is now full.  Please consider the other Triton College Digital Imaging class taught by Andrew Weiss.
This class is scheduled for wednesday nights from 7:00-8:20 from January 31-April 18, 2007.  
You may have to copy and paste the course number in the Triton College search engine:   PHGE4201,  or search Digital Imaging.

The class will consist of both hardware and software aspects of digital photography. The first half of the class will be devoted to learning camera operation. What sets digital photography apart from film? How is digital like film photography? Image composition will be discussed, along with various principles of photography. Then we will work on learning what students can do with photo software. Adobe Elements 5.0 is recommended in the class. Adobe Elements 5.0 is a consumer version of the full size Adobe Photoshop. Several key functions are not included in Adobe Elemnets 5.0 that are in Adobe CS2. These functions will not be missed by most consumer photographers. These added functions (in Photoshop) will be addressed in class.

Week #1 Info

Triton Digital Imaging Syllabus

Links of the Week:

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Wikipedia link to Iwo Jima flag photo and photographer Joe Rosenthal

Click below for short video "How to hold your slr camera" by Steve Gadomski. Camera work by Paul Munoz.

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Week #2 Info

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