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Steve's Photographic Landscapes

Bodie Ghost Town, California

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The town of Bodie in California was once a thriving gold mining town. At its peak, the population numbered 10,000. Today it is a fascinating remnant of an earlier time. It is one of my favorite locations for black & white film photography.


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The Standard Stamp mill. This mill dates to about 1900.

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Tesla's original transformer in the Standard Mill.

Electricity was brought to the Standard Stamp mill in November 1892. The power had to be delivered from a hydro electric power plant some 13 miles away. Long distance electrical delivery was a new concept for the world. The power lines to Bodie were installed in a straight line route. This was done because it was not known at the time if electricity would be able to round turns on the way to Bodie!  

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Structure for the ore transport system.

Old table in Bodie
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