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Steve's Photographic Landscapes

Night Vision

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Chicagos Lakefront Skyline With Fireworks In Color
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Chicago Night Lights
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Cana Island Lighthouse, Solstice
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Door County, Wisconsin

Independence Day , Fish Lake, Michigan

Bridge over the Illinois River, Near Starved Rock State Park, Illinois, USA

Little Sable Lighthouse. Near Hart, MI.

Washington Monument sunset.

Long exposure lighthouse with star trails.
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Cana Island Light, Night. Door County, Wisconsin

Chicago's famous Wrigley Building. View from boat on the Chicago River.

Chicago skyline. View from west side of the city.

Chicago skyline, from west side of city.

StarTrails/moonless night

This image of star trails was photographed in Death Valley National Park. It was shot with color film and converted to grayscale using Photoshop 7. Substantial manipulation of contrast/curves was done. However the concentric cirlces of star trails and foreground are accurate to the negative. The camera was a Nikon FE2 with a 24mm Nikon prime lens. My rock-solid Bogen 3221 tripod (for 35mm) was used.  Exposure time-3 hours at f/4. Thats right-the shutter remained open for a full 3 hours. Dark skies with good "seeing" is necessary for such an image. A moonless night is also required. How do you know when the moon will not glow on a given night? Click here.    

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