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Steve's Photographic Landscapes

Photo Fundamentals

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This page added May 2004. Several new shooters have asked for some simple tips for beginning photographers.
I think this page will grow fairly quickly. Do you have some easy tips or techniques to add---drop me an email and I will post your name and/or your site link if you like.

When I teach a photography class, the first day includes a lesson on how to properly hold your camera. Many beggining shooters hold their cameras as shown in this image...Where is the control?
You need to hold your camera with proper stability in mind. Hold your camera in right hand. Place bottom of camera in up-turned left hand. Raise camera viewfinder to your eye. Bring your elbows in towards your body. You just made yourself into a tripod. Very stable. This method is the first step to minimizing blurred images due to unstable camera shake. Please click the video link below for a short demo of this method (no audio).  

Click for "How to hold your Camera" video clip

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