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Steve's Photographic Landscapes

Week 8

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This week we took a look at the still emerging world of digital photography. This latest (r)evolution in photography has brought with it many changes. The world of professional photography has seen a substantial and rapid shift to digital imaging in many segments. The consumer market is not far behind.
But "going digital" has it's share of roadblocks and headaches. It currently may not be for everyone. 
Triton College students may feel free to download the seperate components of my "Falling" Leaf image. Right click the links below to save the "Sky" and "Leaf" files to your harddrive and test your digital skills. Recreate the composite I created below. Remember that this must be done in layers, just as I demonstrated in class on 03/23/04.
Images and concept remain C-2004 Steve Gadomski. 


Click here to download the leaf image

Click to download the sky image

In class this week, Marylin asked about a good source for learning Adobe Elements 2.0 image manipulation program. Start here at the Adobe Elements official tutorial page.

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