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Steve's Photographic Landscapes

Week 7

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The Photo Essay:
Communication Through Photography
Photography has always been about communication.
Some of the earliest images were portraiture. Subjects wanted family and friends to have a relatively accurate likeness to show who they are. And to let future generations know "I was here!"  Photography, when done well, tells a story. It conveys information about a place, person or time. Photo essays can be shot as a timeline. Or perhaps the photographer is exploring a place, or concept. The photo essay is a collection of related images that tells a story.
Your assignment: Create a photo essay. 
Select your subject. Your subject should be broad enough to result in 10-15 edited images.
Use a variety of lenses, if you own multiple focal length lenses. Shoot wide angles, normal and tight telephoto images. Mix it up. Try to capture at least 1 strong graphic shot as the "lead" image.
Many students in previous classes have mounted their essays on boards (although this is not mandatory). Consider captions under the prints.
This final essay project is due Week #9    03/31/04.
Below are examples of sites with different types of photo essays.

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