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Steve's Photographic Landscapes

Week 4

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Discussion continued from week #3 on all things film related
It was great to see the student work last night in class 02/25/04. Thank you for participating!--Steve

Click link below for the TSA security statement regarding film and security screening equipment.

Film & Color Balance
This week we considered the concept of color balance. Consumer films are designed to give good color results under daylight lighting conditions. This means proper color can be anticipated when your subject is photographed outside in sunlight.
But what happens when you attempt to photograph a family gathering in the house, in the evening? If you do not have a flash unit, the typical incandescent household lighting will give your subjects a very warm color cast. What happens when you photograph your subject under fluorescent lighting? Your subject will take on an unflattering greenish/yellow cast.
There is a mismatch between film color balance and your ambient light.

Consider the images of our "model student" below. Decide for yourself which photo was captured with what condition.

The conditions (in no particular order):
  • Flash
  • Tungsten light
  • Fluorescent "office" lights
  • Magenta filter (with fluorescent "office" lights)
  • Blue filter (with tungsten light)
  • Blue filter (with tungsten light) with fill card
Find out the answers in class 5.
A special thanks to our "model" student, Mike,  for consenting to have his image posted to this site.


Blue color correcting filter


Magenta color correcting filter


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