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Steve's Photographic Landscapes

Triton basic photography syllabus

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Class Outline/Syllabus

Digital Imaging Triton College

Steve Gadomski





January 31-April 18 (no class March 14 & March 21)


Week 1: Introduction to basic camera functions

Aperture and Shutter Speed Controls

Learn to identify parts/functions of the camera. Learn how to hold the camera.

Maintaining the camera.

Obtaining correct exposure: meter reading, f/stop and shutter explained


Week 2: Image capture

Depth-of-field explained.

How are aperture and shutter speed related? 

ccd vs cmos capture chips, ISO characteristics, Color balance, Interpreting your histogram.   

Downloading, saving and storing image files.


Week 3: Composition

Lens options

Wide angle, Normal, Telephoto, Prime vs zoom, Focusing traps, Filters

Effective Image Composition

Classic rules of composition, Mood of image, Cropping, Image Balance


Week 4: Color Management Intro

Color Management: Monitor Calibration


Weeks  5 & 6 &7: 

Adobe Elements and Photoshop CS2:  The Mysteries Explained

Possible lessons:

The Great Raw vs. jpg debate, Color spaces, Image output options, Global image correction/enhancement, Local image correction/enhancement, Saturation correction, Contrast correction, Portrait retouching, Sanning film/prints,  Color to grayscale conversion Sharpening, Adjustment layers, Masking, Making selections


Week 8: Photographing people

Effective Communication Through Photography--The Photo Essay


Week 9: Printing your images

Archival issues


Week 10: Landscape photography 

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