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Steve's Photographic Landscapes

Week 5

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The assignment for this week is to capture texture with your camera. I am looking for 5 edited prints(your best). Not as easy as it sounds. Consider that the print is, of course a flat piece of photo paper(2 dimensions). How do you show texture on a perfectly flat surface? It's all in the lighting!
Think about a mature cottonwood tree with a very deep, rough bark. If sunlight is shining directly on it from over your shoulder, the surface will appear relatively flat. If, however the sunlight is shining on the bark from the side, shadows are created suggesting a third dimension.
Capture the texture of any subject for this week's assignment.
Images due 3/10/04, although because we did not get to discuss composition on 03/03/04 as planned, critique of "texture" probably will not happen until 03/17/04.  Bring your "texture" assignment in either 03/10/04 or 03/17/04. 
This side lighting is what you may use to enhance texture in your subject.

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